Joint Stock Company "Admiralty Shipyards"


Fontanka Emb., 203, St.-Petersburg, Russia, 190121

+7 812 714-88-52

Fax: +7 812 571-13-71

Buzakov Aleksandr
Director General
"JSC “Admiralty Shipyards” – basic enterprise of shipbuilding industry, a center of conventional submarine building of Russia. In the course of 310-year period of activity of the enterprise were built over 2600 vessels and ships of various types and classes: first Russian steamboats, battleships and cruisers, first ice-breaker in the world, unique research deep-diving vehicles, tankers of various types and classes, including reinforced ice class, over 300 submarines of different projects, which do not have anything comparable in world shipbuilding. At present time the enterprise’s capacities are fully loaded – at the shipyards are being successfully executed a number of contracts for domestic and foreign customers. Four series of submarines for foreign Navies and Navy of Russia are under construction. Has been restored construction of forth generation submarine of project 677 (“Lada”) “Кronstadt”. Besides is being built rescue ship “Igor Belousov”, designed for rescue of crews of emergency submarines with escape vehicle “Bester -1” and deep-diving system onboard. In JSC “Admiralty Shipyards” is applied universal quality management system complying with the requirements of International standards of ISO of series 9000. The enterprise was one of first companies in the Russian Federation, which received licenses for all types of works in fields of construction, alteration, improvement and recovery of ships of practically all classes as well as vessels of different types. "