Joint Stock Company "Northern production association 'Arktika'"


Archangelskoye shosse, 34, Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Region, Russia, 164500

+7 (8184) 58-75-99

Fax: +7 (8184) 58-54-33

Oleg G. Loginov
Director General

The basic directions of activity:

— wiring works of the widest profile (on vessels and ships of the military and civil purposes, afloat drilling rigs, oil-gas fields);
— adjustment, service maintenance and repairs of the complex systems (wireless communication, radiolocation and radio intelligence, television, navigation, hydroacoustics and sonar detection);
— design, manufacture and installation of fibre-optic communication lines;
— mid-life repair of the electric motors, generators, converters, distributional devices, control stations and other types of electric units and devices;
— design and manufacture of the marine and industrial electrical products.

Items produced:

— control boards (panels), signaling arrangements for electric supply networks and electric installations, power and low-current sure-seal connectors, marine luminaires (including light-emitting diode), electromagnets, signaling contact devices, ship saving devices, etc.