Public Joint Stock Company "Vyborg Shipyard"


Primorskoe shosse, 2 B, Vyborg, Leningrad Region, Russia, 188800

+7 813 78 264-32

Fax: +7 813 78 265-46

Alexander Solovyev
General Director

Vyborg Shipyard PJSC is one of the largest shipbuilding companies of the North-Western Region of Russia with 65-years’ experience in shipbuilding. Since the Shipyard was founded (1948) there have been built more than 200 different vessels with deadweight up to 12000 tons, total displacement over 1,550,000 tons. Future prospects:

Construction of deep sea semi-submersible floatingdrilling & production platforms for exploration of oil & gas offshore fields

Construction of stationary production platforms

Construction of deep sea jack-ups of a new generation

Construction of icebreakers, icebreaking vessels