Severnoe Design Bureau, Joint Stock Company


198096, Saint Petersburg, Ul. Korabelnaya, d. 6, korpus 2, letter A

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Andrey Dyachkov
Director General

The Severnoye Design Bureau, a leading company designing surface ships in Russia, was founded on 22 April 1946. Throughout the Bureau's more than 65-year life a team of highly qualified naval architects was formed there that is capable of solving the most complicated tasks in the area of designing ships and vessels.

The Bureau has worked out more than a hundred designs of ships and vessels of different purpose ranging from 500-ton patrol boat to 26,000-ton heavy nuclear-powered cruiser, and from whaling boat to bulker. In general, more than 550 ships and vessels with the total displacement of about 1.5 million tons have been built by the Bureau's designs. All of them are notable for their seaworthiness, reliability and operation economy. Some of the vessels were exported.