Joint-stock company "Shiprepairing Center "Zvyozdochka"


Zvezdochka Shipyard JSC, 12 Mashinostroiteley Passage, Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region, Russia, 164500

+7 (818) 427-02-97

Fax: +7 (818) 427-28-50

Sergey Marichev
Director General

Zvezdochka is Russia’s largest ship repair facility, managing a chain of production subsidiaries in the areas of the Barents, White, Black, Caspian Seas, and the Sea of Azov.

Lines of activity:

— Repair, retrofitting, and modernization of submarines and surface ships, including those powered by nuclear propulsion plants;
— Repair, retrofitting, and modernization of merchant marine equipment;
— Construction of commercial marine equipment for various applications, including offshore operations;
— Building of launching pad infrastructure facilities for space rockets;
— Manufacturing of engineering products;
— Aftersales service of ships and vessels;
— Complete marine equipment recycling, including nuclear-powered ships and vessels;
— Military and technical cooperation with foreign customers;
— Development, design, and production of various types of propulsion systems — propeller shafts, propellers, water jets, rudder propellers, and thrusters;
— Production of shipborne furniture;
— Diamond cutting and jewelry manufacturing.