Technology platforms

In accordance with Minutes No. 2 of the April 1, 2011 Government Commission on High Technology and Innovation meeting chaired by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a list of technology platforms submitted by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia was approved.

According to the Minutes, JSC USC, JSC Morinformsystem Agat Concern and JSC Sea Underwater Weapon - Gidropribor Concern are the initiators and coordinators of the Ocean Development technology platform

General provisions

The Ocean Development technology platform is a tool for shaping the technology and innovation policy, a form of implementing public-private partnership to support innovative development and technological modernization of the Russian economy required to meet the challenges in the ocean development area.

The Ocean Development technology platform brings together organizations and enterprises of any organizational-legal form and pattern of ownership on the principles of voluntary and equal participation, including government agencies, professional associations, associations of non-governmental organizations, research organizations and higher educational institutions, which share the technology platform goals and objectives and are involved in achieving them.

Technology platform goals and objectives

The goal of organizing the Ocean Development technology platform is to develop a set of “breakthrough” technologies that will help build an infrastructure needed for efficient and comfortable human activities in the oceans of the world. The organizational objectives of the technology platform are:

  • Coordinate scientific, human and financial resources to focus on the breakthrough innovative development areas;
  • Attract big business organizations to the participation in research activities and commercialization of their results in the field of underwater technology;
  • Carry out technological modernization of the domestic underwater robotic equipment;
  • Introduce new technologies in the field of ocean mineral resource exploration and production;
  • Develop a comprehensive protection system for territories, population and critical facilities in the coastal region against threats posed by natural and man-made disasters;
  • Provide training and retraining of specialists in the higher and secondary special education system for work in the of ocean development sector.

Technology platform management bodies

In accordance with Minutes No.1 of the April 27, 2011 Ocean Development technology platform’s Coordinating Council meeting, a platform management body was set up comprising:

  • ­ Coordinating Council;
  • ­ Secretariat;
  • ­ Expert Board:
    • ­ Expert Board bureau.

Technology platform focus areas

Ocean Development technology platform focus areas:

  • Marine robotic technologies;
  • Ocean resource development technologies;
  • Information technology and systems for ocean development;
  • Marine equipment technology (promising shipbuilding).

JSC USC coordinates the activities in the Marine Equipment Technology (Promising Shipbuilding) area. The objective of this focus area is to develop “breakthrough” technologies in areas such as:

  • Development of deep-sea manned submersibles and systems;
  • Development and support of deep-sea equipment design technology on the basis of innovative solutions;
  • New maritime transportation systems for hydrocarbons;
  • Development of new of marine geophysical survey methods and technologies, including the construction of specialized vessels;
  • Use of nanotechnology when developing advanced vessels and marine equipment.

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