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Project 18270 "Bester"

Deep-submergence rescue vehicle

The deep-submergence rescue vehicle (DSRV) is an air/rail/roadtransportable manned self-propelled deep-water submersible deployed on mother ships (surface vessels or submarines) and intended for rescuing crews of disabled submarines luing on the seabed, as well as for performing the following tasks:

- Final detection of an emergency submarine (or otherunderwater objects) by DSRV's sonar equipment (generally with the vehicle guided from the mother ship) and establishing eye contact with it;

- Visual inspection of an emergency submarine (or other underwater objects);

- Clearing the coaming platform of the emergency submarine for landing of the DSRV on it;

- Docking with the coaming platform of the emergency submarine;

- Delivery and transfer of life support means to the emergency submarine;

- Accommondation of 16-18 submariners (depending on version) from a submarine compartment with high and normal pressures as well as from a smoke-filled compartment and their delivery to the mother ship;

- Decompression of the submariners rescued in a DSRV compartment at the overpressure up to 0.4 MPa (depending on version);

- Performing other underwater engineering work within the capabilities of the DSRV's manipulator, including lift ship suppord operations.

The DSRV can be supplied in different versions (Project 18270, 18271, 1827K, 1827S and 1827I) depending on customer requirements.


Displacement ∼40 m3
Length 12.0 m
Beam 3.2 m
Height 5.0 m
 - cruising
3.0 knots
 - descent/ascent  
0.6 knots
- lateral
0.4 knots
Complement 3
Number of compartments 2 
Endurance  4-5 hours