Commercial products / Transport vessels

Bunkering tanker

Deadweight - 1200 t

Designed for carrying-out of all kinds of bunkering works with diesel oil (gas flash point upper 60 0C) and motor oils (for sea-going and river vessels).

Single-deck double-screw vessel with forecastle and poop, with double bottom, double sides in way of the cargo area, with four cargo tanks for diesel oil and two cargo tanks for motor oil, two cargo holds for motor oil casks, two oily water tanks, separated fuel tank, with engine room and accommodation arranged aft, with bow thruster, racked stem and transom stern.

Vessel class

✠ M-PR 2,5 (ice 40) А


Length 73.2 m
Beam 12.9 m
Draft 3 m
Deadweigth 1200 t
Speed 9.35 knots
Endurance 12 days
Crew 10 persons
Main power plant 2 x 440 kW