The construction and eqipment of the vessels enableyear-round deliveryof personnel,

Vessel class

  • Classification: Dual class LR and RMRS.
  • RMRS Class notation: +100A1 Icebreaker, Offshore Tug/Supply Ship, Fire-Fighting Ship 1, WDL, RD, IWS*, Winterisation H(-35) B(-35), +LMC, UMS, DP (AM), NAV1, OIL RECOVERY, EP, ShipRight ACS(B).
  • LR Descriptive class notation: COMF –C (3) (DNV), Standby Vessel (195) (DNV), Ice Class (DNV Icebreaker ICE – 10).
  • RMRS Class notation: KM Icebreaker6 1 AUT1 OMBO FF3WS DYNPOS-1 EPP ANTI-ICE special purpose ship / supply vessel.


Installed power 18.0 MW
Length 99.9 m
Breadth maximum 21.7 m
Draught, at design waterline 7.6 m
Deadweight 4158 t
Propulsion power 13.0 MW
Speed 15 knots
Speed at 1.5 m level ice 3.0 knots
Bollard pull more than 128 tonnes
Crew 22+28
Cargo deck 700 m3
Range 40 days