Commercial products / Icebreakers and special-purpose vessels

Icebreaking support vessels project Aker ARC 130A

Icebreaking escort of tankers in ice conditions, assistance at carrying out of mooring and loading operations, rescue, towing, fire-fighting and oil-spill response operations.

Vessel class

КМ✪ Icebreaker 8 [1] AUT1-ICS FF1WS DYNPOS-2 EPP ANTI-ICE ECO SDS<12 Winterization (-50) Tug


Length overall 121.7 m
Breadth overall 26.0 m
Draft 8.2 m
DWT 3400 t
Speed 16 knots
Endurance regarding stock of provision 30 days
Crew 21 persons
Main propulsion plant Consists of four main diesel-generators and one harbor generator
Power of electric driven azimuth propulsion units 21.5 MW