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Liquefied petroleum gas tanker

Capacity - 3500 m3


Operation area is North and Far-Eastern regions of Russia.

Pressure type gas carrier with six independent reservoirs arranged in two cargo holds and on the upper deck, with forecastle and poop, with double bottom, with living and machinery spaces located in aft, with controllable-pitch propeller driven by geared-diesel set, with side-to-side wheelhouse, with cargo manifolds arranged midship. Engine tanks are protected by double bottom and double sides.


Designed for loading, transportation and unloading of liquefied petroleum gas of density 0.58−0.6 t/m3.

Vessel class

Length 88,9 m
Beam 13,63 m
Draught 5,4 m
Deadweigth 2500 t
Cargo tanks 6×585 m3
Speed 13 knots
Range 4000 nm
Crew 15 persons
Main power plant 1×3000 kW


RMRS: КМ Ice 3 1 AUT1-ICS OMBO Gas carrier type 2PG