Commercial products / Icebreakers and special-purpose vessels

Multipurpose nuclear icebreaker project 22220

Power - 60 MW

- Independent icebreaker assistance for vessels (including heavy-tonnage ones);

-  Year-round leading of convoys of vessels in the Western Arctic area:

-  Icebreaker assistance for vessels in shallow waters of the Yenisei River (Dudinka area) and the Gulf of Ob;

-  Towing vessels and other floating structures in the ice and open water;

-  Rendering assistance to vessels and rescue operations in ice conditions and open water;

-  The area of operation of the icebreaker is Western Arctic and shallow waters of the Gulf of Ob and Yenisei River (on year-round basis), Eastern Arctic (summer and autumn).

Vessel class

КМ✪Icebreaker 9 [2] AUT2-ICS EPP


Length overall 173.3 m
Beam overall 34 m
Amidships height to upper deck 15.2 m
Draft on design waterline 10.5 m
Minimum operating draft 8.55 m
Nuclear power plant includes the RITM-200 reactor unit with a capacity 175 MW
Steam turbine unit with an output 72 MW
Crew 75 persons
The maximum thickness of the continuous flat shore ice, which the icebreaker can break through moving ahead and astern at 1,5-2 knots in deep water at full capacity of the power plant and draft on design waterline 2.8 m

Most powerful icebreaker in the world. Icebreaking capability 2.8 m