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Amphibious hovercraft SVP-50 project 12270M

Regular passenger transportation on established routes lines with the possibility of access to unimproved shore for embarking and disembarking passengers. transportation is carried out all year round over navigable, non-navigable and polluted water areas, including difficult ice drift and freeze-up conditions, as well as over flat cross-country, snow, compacted and broken ice, slush, scrubby and boggy terrain, shallow areas with rapid current, rapids and flat terrain sections. The operation areas are the Amur River and its tributaries below Nikolaevsk-on-Amur that meet the requirements of the Russian River Register's class R.

Vessel class

✠Э Р 1.2/0.8 СВПА


Air temperature +35 °C to -25 °C
Length (off cushion / on cushion) 17.5 / 19.4 m
Width (off cushion / on cushion) 7.3 / 9.2 m
Height when anchored (on bottom supports /  on cushion) 4.8 / 5.5 m
Floating draft (bottom supports / flexible skirt) 0.7 / 2.6 m
Full displacement ∼23 t
Cruising range up to 600 km
Seaworthiness (wave height of 3% probability) 0.8 m
Obstacle clearance 0.6 m
Endurance 8 hours
Crew 2 people
Passenger capacity 50 people with personal luggage
The passenger compartment is equipped with two- and three- seat blocks of armchairs   
The compartment can be transformed to meet customer requirements for the level of passenger comfort