The vessel is meant for supplying of off-shore drilling platforms:

  • carriage of drill mud, loose goods, methanol and general cargoes on open deck;
  • participation in rescue and evacuating operations;
  • fire control on off-shore drilling platforms.


Vessel class

1A1, SF, E0, FiFi I, E0, Clean, LFL*, NAUT OSV (A), Dynpos AUTR, Dk+ hl(2,5)


Vessel's power 5280 kW
Length 73.4 m
Breadth 16.6 m
Draft 6.5 m
Deadweight 3500 tn
Speed 14.5 knots
Endurance about 30 days
Crew 32 persons (including 12 passangers)
Main propulsion plant 2х2640 kWt, a vessel posesses the traditional propulsion and control scheme "shaftline — propeller — steer"