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Floating power unit - a nuclear - powered berth-connected vessel project 20870

Reliable and cost-effective electricity and heat supply to consumers in the long run, establishing a power base for the sustainable development of industry and improvement of living standards.

Vessel class

КМ ✪[2] А2 "Berth-connected ship"


Length 144.2 m
Beam 30 m
Depth 10 m
Displacement 21560 t
Environmental stability
Earthquake (MSK-64 scale) 9 points

Nuclear power plant

Two KTL-40-type reactor units with a thermal capacity 150 MW each
Mean time to mid-life repair and complete core refueling (4 three-year cecles, spent fuel is stored on board the FPU) 12 years
Installed capacity
Electric 70 / 38 MW
Thermal 50 / 146,8 Gcal/h