Commercial products / Vessels and equipment for offshore field development

Supply vessel for operations with drilling rigs project 22420

Provision of drilling rigs with consumable drilling production materials;

Rendering assistance to emergency vessels, floating drilling rigs, reception and accommodation of survivors.

Vessel class

 КМ ✪ Arc 4 [1] AUT1 FF2WS DYNPOS-2 EPP Supply Vessel, Special purpose ship


Length overall 90 m
Beam overall 19 m
Midships depth 9.5 m
Load-line draft 7 m
Displacement 8016 t
Deadweight ∼4415 t
Cargo carried:
Diesel fuel 334 t
Fresh water 67 t
Technical water (TW) 2099 t
Drilling mud (DM) 391 t
Brine 203 t
Dry bulk cargo (DC) 1058 t
Deck cargo 1536 t