Commercial products / Passenger ships

Fast passenger vessel project A45-2

Carriage of passengers on inland waterway routes up to 650 km long. The navigation area includes Category O inland basins.

Vessel class

✠O2.0/1.5 глиссер


Length overall ∼32 m
Length dwl  ∼26 m
Beam overall 6 m
Depth 2.4 m
Draft 0.7 m
Displacement (full) ∼68 t
Passenger capacity 100 persons
Crew 5 (max) persons
Endurance 1 day
Speed ∼70 km/h
Cruising range ∼650 km
DWT ∼14.25 t

Main propulsion

Main engines MTU diesel engines 12V 2000M72, 2 x 1080 kW
Gearboxes ZF 3050
Gear ratio 1.828
Efficiency no less than 0.97
Propulsion unit two VD-525-3 water jets (Russian-made)