The boat is equipped with following firefighting and lifesaving equipment: three master stream nozzles, spilled burning fuel-oil extinction, two distribution foam-water manifolds; water-foam hull protection system also provides deluge for boat’s superstructure, two fire pumps driven by their own engines.

The boat has passenger capacity up to 200 persons suffered from fire. Provisions are made for flipping stern platform for saving people from water surface and a rescue RIB.


Design for firefighting activities onboard ships of all classes, coastal objects, burning fuel-oil spilled on water surface and participation in search-and-rescue operations.

Vessel class

DNV: +А1 LC Patrol R2 E0


Length 39 m
Beam 9 m
Draught 12 m
Speed 21 knots
Range 400 nm
Endurance 4 days
Crew 16 persons
Main power plant 1×4100 kW