Commercial products / Icebreakers and special-purpose vessels

Multipurpose salvage vessel

Power - 7 MW

- Ice- breaking operations in harbor and adjacent waters and freezing non-Arctic seas;
- Icebreaker assistance in level ice 60 cm thick with clearing an open channel of at least 50 m wide when moving obliquely (sideways);
- Towing of emergency vessels, oil spill response, fighting fire of fuel spills with a flash temperature of over 60 °C;
- Extinguishing external fires, patrolling rescue duty;
- Providing technical support and assistance, search, rescue, evacuation and accommodation of people, rendering medical aid;
- Supply of vessels and offshore platform, supporting helicopter takeoff and landing operations.

Vessel class

KM ✪Icebreaker 6, [1], AUT1-ICS, OMBO, FF3WS, EPP, DYNPOS-1, ECO-S, Oil recovery ship (>60°C), Salvage ship, Tug HELIDECK


Length overall (without fenders) 76.4 m
Length on waterline 72.1 m
Beam on waterline 19.2 m
Maximum draft 7 m
Deadweight 1150 tons
Installed power 3 x 3000 kW
Propulsion system (Azipod) 3 x 2500 kW
Speed (open water) 14 knots

The world's first "asymmetric" icebreaker