Commercial products / Icebreakers and special-purpose vessels

Diesel-electric icebreaker project 21900M

Power - 16 MW

Work as a line icebreaker providing high maneuverability and icebreaking capability (it can move steadily in the ice up to 1.5 m thick).

- Towing of vessels and other floating platforms in the ice conditions and open water;

- Assisting vessels in distress and rescue operations in ice conditions and open water;  

- Delivery of necessary equipment and participation in oil spill response operations using its on-board equipment;  

- Provision of underwater technical works using equipment and specialized systems installed on board the vessel in the drilling rig and oil platform areas, seabed studies, search and rescue operations;  

- Fire-fighting on vessels, drilling and oil platforms;  

- Implementation of some other special operations at sea.


Vessel class

KM✪Icebreaker 6 [2] AUT1-ICS FF2WS EPP ECO BWM HELIDECK Special purpose ship


Length overall 119.4 m
Beam overall 27.5 m
Minimum draft 8.5 m
Delivered power 17.4 MW
Icebreaking capability (steady movement in a continuous ice field) ice 1.5 m thick
Speed (open water) 17 knots