Military products / Patrol ships and boats

Project 14310 "Mirazh"

Patrol boat

The boat is designed to guard maritime state borders and territorial waters, perform on-call actions in economic zone, conduct patrol service underway and at anchor, support sea checkpoint service (vessel inspection, police or customs operations, etc.), detect and chase non-compliant vessels, smugglers and pirates, including those using high-speed craft.


Displacement 120.3 tons
Length 35.45 m
Beam 6.6 m
Draft ∼2.7 m
Speed 47-50 knots
Range ∼1500 nm
Endurance 5 days

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant: 2 x M520B type diesels


Strike missile: 1 x Shturm missile system, 6 Ataka missiles
Artillery: 1 x 30 mm AK-306 CIWS
Air defense: 8 x Igla MANPADS
Fire arms: 2 x 14.5 mm MTUP machine guns
Electronic equipment: 1 x INS (integrated navigation system)