Commercial products / Icebreakers and special-purpose vessels

Diesel-electric icebreaker project 22600

Power - 25 MW

Work as a line icebreaker providing high maneuverability and icebreaking capability (it can move steadily in the ice up to 2 m thick), work as an auxiliary icebreaker providing assistance to complex convoys of vessels on the Northern sea Route.
- Independently escort of vessels in shallow Arctic waters and in the mouths of Siberian rivers;

- Towing of vessels and other floating platforms in the ice and open water assistance to vessels in distress and rescue operations in ice conditions and open water;

- Delivery of necessary equipment and participation in oil spill response operations using its on-boars equipment;

- Provision of underwater technical works using equipment and specialized systems installed on board the vessel in the drilling rig and oil platform areas, seabed studies, search and rescue operations, fire-fighting on vessels, drilling and oil platforms;

- Transportation of scientific expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic (availability of living spaces for 90 people, space areas of over 300 square meters for research laboratories , the conditions for accommodation of two Mi-8 and Ka-32 heavy helicopters on board), a number of other special operations at sea.

Vessel class



Length overall 142.4 (143.6) m
Beam overall 29 m
Minimum draft 9.7 m
Speed (open water) 17 knots
Icebrealing capability (steady movement at delivered power of 25 MW) ice 2 m thick
Tidal energy: The area for future cooperation between Sevmash and India

Representatives of Sevmash (part of USC) took part in the Russian-Indian Business Forum in New Delhi to exchange best practices in shipbuilding.

08 August 2019
Severnaya Verf Launches Third Fishing Trawler

Severnaya Verf Shipyard (part of USC) has laid down the Project 170701 fishing trawler Captain Ostashkov, which will be built for Karelian Seafood JSC (part of the NOREBO Group). The vessel will be handed over to the customer in 2021.

07 July 2019

The most powerful non-nuclear icebreaker in the world