Military products / Landing ships and boats

Project 12061E "Murena-E"

Air-cushion landing craft

The landing craft is designed to take combat materiel or forward deployment amphibious troops from a beach or large landing ships and transports, carry them by sea and land onto a beach.


Displacement: ∼150 t
Length: 31.3 m
Beam: 14.6 m
Speed: 55 knots
Range (at 50 kt): 200 nm
Complement: 12
Troop capacity: 2 IFVs /
2 APCs /
3 combat vehicles /
2 amphibious tanks /
1 medium tank /
130 troops

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant 2 x MT-70M gas turbine unit with transmission


Artillery: 2 x 30 mm AK-306 CIWS
Air defense: 8 x Igla MANPADS
Electronic equipment: 1 x Gorizont-25 INS