Commercial products / Transport vessels

Oil tanker

3100 DWT


Operation in the north areas.

Tanker with ten cargo tanks, two slop tanks, forecastle and poop, with double bottom, double sides and CL bulkhead in the area of cargo tanks, with accommodation and engine room arranged aft, with CPP driven from geared diesel set, wheelhouse arranged from side


Loading, carriage and unloading simultaneously up to four types of petroleum products of densities from 0.7 up to 1.15 t/m3 without restriction on the flush points.

Vessel class

RMRS: КМ ✪ Arc 4[1] AUT1-ICS OMBO Oil tanker (ESP)


Length 88,9 m
Beam 13,48 m
Draught 5,41 m
Deadweight 3100 t
Cargo tanks 3550 3
Speed 13 knots
Range 4000 nm
Crew 15 persons
Main power plant 1×3000 kW