Main purpose of the icebreaker is to provide navigation at a port in winter-time and the icebreaker support for the heavy-tonnage transport vessels during their maneuvering and mooring operetions under any even the heaviest ice conditions.

Vessel class

KM ✪Icebreaker 7 [1], AUT1-ICS, OMBO, FF3WS, EPP ECO-S, Oil recovery ship (>60°C) Tug


Length  84.3 m
Breadth 19.9 m
Draft 7.5 m
Shaft power 10 MW
Crew 30
Ice-free water speed  15 knots
Icebrealing capability at a continuous speed 1.5 m
Baltic Fleet Completes Inclining Test of the Academic Lomonosov FNPP

The Baltic Shipyard has completed the inclining test conducted as part of the mooring tests of the Academic Lomonosov world’s first floating nuclear power plant (FNPP).

02 February 2018
Kronstadt Marine Plant Turns 160 Years Old

The Kronstadt Marine Plant (part of the USC) marks its 160<sup>th</sup> anniversary on March 4, 2018.  Throughout its operation, the plant has repaired more than 10,000 ships and vessels, many of which contributed to the heroic history of the Russian Navy.

03 March 2018