Military products / Patrol ships and boats

Project 10412

Patrol ship

The boat is designed to patrol the coastal area.


Displacement: ∼370 tons
Length: 49.5 m
Beam: 9.2 m
Speed: ∼30 knots
Range: 2200 nm
Endurance: 10 days

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant: 3 x M520 type diesels


Artillery: 2 x 30 mm AK-306 CIWS with a fire control system
The 76 mm AK-176M gun can be mounted in the bow section
Air defense: 16 x Igla MANPADS
Fire arms: 2 x 14.5 MTUP machine-guns
Electronic equipment: 1 x FR-2150 W-type navigation radar
1 х Gorizont-25 intergated navigation system