Military products / Mine Sweepers

Project 12701 "Alexandrit-E"

Coastal mine countermeasures vessel

The ship is designed to provide mine protection of naval bases, coastal sea areas, detect and destroy mines of all kinds, provide, mine protection for ships in transit, exclusive economic zone and  mineral deposits at sea, carry out mine reconnaissance, lay minefields. During low mine threat periods, the ships can be used both for protection of a water area and training purposes.


Displacement: 890 tons
Length: 61.6 m 
Beam: 10.3 m 
Draft: ∼3.1 m
Spead: 16 knots
Range: 1500 nm
Edurance:  10 days
Complement: 44 persons

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant: 2 x 2500 hp diesels
2 x CPPs
2 x PU-100F bow thrusters
2 x VPK-90F/70 retractable stern azimuth thrusters
Special equipment: Dynamic positioning system


Artillery: 1 x 30 mm AK-306 CIWS
Air defense: 8 x MANPADS
Fire arms: 1 x 14.5 mm MTUP machine guns or 2 x 12.7 mm
6P59 machine guns
MCM equipment:  
Sweeps: 1 x GKT-2 or GOKT-1 contact sweep
1 x SHAT-U acoustic sweep
Mine detection and destruction system: 1 x DIEZ-12700E automated system for mine countermeasures operation control 1 x LIVADIA-ME mine-detection sonar 2 x Alister 9-type AUVs 2 x K-Ster I-type ROVs 10 x K-Ster C-type ROVs 1 x Inspector-MK2-type MCM unmanned surface vehicle