Military products / Support vessels and training sets

Project 18065

Physical fields control vessel

The vessel is designed for measuring acoustic, electromagnetic, electric, and magnetic fields of surface ships and submarines.


Full-load displacement: ∼1450 tons
Length: 80 m
Beam: 11.4 m
Draft: 3.25 m
Full speed: ∼14 knots
Range (at 10 kt with maximum fuel and oil reserves): ∼2500 nm
Endurance: 15 days
Stay at sea: unlimited
Sea state for measuring field parameters: up to 2
Design environmental parameters: Air +5 °C to +33 °C
Water 14 °C to +25 °C
Devices: General ship devices necessary for vessel operation
Special placements and hauling of measuring systems' outboard bodies

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant: 2 x 1030 kW twin-shaft diesel plants


Instrumentation:  SGAS-496E, K-739E /
TsU 7002, K-751E, K-719E, M-121E, VSV-205
Electronic equipment: Gorizont-25E INS, test instrumentation 6701 R-3
Sonar equipment: MGK-335EM-05 (Vesta-K) sonar station