The rescue vessel is designed for final detection and inspection of an emergency submarine lying on the seabed or staying afloat, life support and rescue of personnel of an emergency submarine lying on the seabed, rendering assistance and rescuing personnel of an emergency submarine or a surface ship staying afloat, performing underwater technical and diving operations using divers, manned and unmanned underwater vehicle.


Standart displacement: 5800 tons
Length: ∼117 m
Beam: ∼18.2 m
Draft: ∼4.9 m
Speed: 17 knots
Range: 5000 nm
Endurance: 45 days (for complement)
10 days (for rescuees) 
Complement: 97

Main propulsion

Single Electric Power System (SEPS): 2 x 3500 kW propulsion motors driving 360 degree steerable rudder-propellers
2 x 850 kW thrusters
2 x main switchboards
1 x SEPS distribution and control system


Special equipment: 1 x deep-sea rescue vehicle operating at depths down to 300 meters
1 x 12 seater utility and rescue launch
1 x duty boat
1 x deepwater diving set for "saturation diving" operations at depths down to 300 meters
4 x habitable decompression chambers
1 x diving bell for three people
2 x 12.5 ton electric hydraulic cranes
1 x working ROV operating at depths down to 1000 meters
1 x facilities for occasional stationig of a helicopter
Tidal energy: The area for future cooperation between Sevmash and India

Representatives of Sevmash (part of USC) took part in the Russian-Indian Business Forum in New Delhi to exchange best practices in shipbuilding.

08 August 2019
Severnaya Verf Launches Third Fishing Trawler

Severnaya Verf Shipyard (part of USC) has laid down the Project 170701 fishing trawler Captain Ostashkov, which will be built for Karelian Seafood JSC (part of the NOREBO Group). The vessel will be handed over to the customer in 2021.

07 July 2019