Military products / Landing ships and boats

Project 21810

Medium landing ship

The ship is designed for transportation of landing troops and combat equipment by sea and over-the-beach landing, destruction of enemy forces on the beach before landing.


Displacement: ∼1600 t
Length: 97 m
Beam: 11 m
Full / economic speed: 16  / ∼14 knots
Range: up to 2500 nm
Endurance: up to 30 days
Complement: up to 47
Troop capacity:
5 x tanks (55 tons)
Landing personnel and tank crews: up to 200
Total military cargo: 300 tons

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant: 1 x ∼5400 kW diesel


Strike missile: 1 x Ogon, 110 artillery rockets /
1 x Grad-M, 110 artillery rockets
Artillery: 2 x 30 mm АК-630М CIWS / 2 x Palma
2 x Palma
Air defense: 8 x Igla MANPADS
Countermeasures: 1 x TK-25E
1 x PK-10
Aviation: A helipad equipped with optical facilities for take-off and landing of a helicopter weighing up to 12 tons
Electronic equipment: Pozitiv-ME1.2 radar
Vaigach-U-Nayada-M / Pal-N-4 navigation radar
MTK-201ME electro-optical close-range air/surface situational awareness system