Military products / Warships

Project 21956


The ship is designed to engage enemy surface combatants and submarines and provide air defense for ships and vessels on the high seas as part of task forces.


Standart displacement ∼7660 t
Length 163 m
Beam 19 m
Draft 4.8 m
Full/economic speed 29.5/∼14 knots
Range 4000 nm
Endurance 30 days
Berths ∼360

Main propulsion

1 x 54420 kW gas turbine plant


Strike missile: 1 x Moskit-MBE missile system, 8 missiles
Air defense: 2 x Klinok air defence missile systems, 64 misseles;
1 x Kashtan-M gun/missile CIWS
Artillery: 1 x AK-130E gun