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Project 22356

Multipurpose frigate

The ship is designed to perform the following tasks:

               -  engage surface ships and vessels;

               - search for and destroy enemy submarines;

               -  destroy land targets deep in the enemy territory;

                - on the coast and islands;

               -  provide air, ASW and anti-boat defense for ships and vessels;

                - provide fire support for amphibious assault forces and ground troops operations in the coastal areas.



Normal displacement ∼4550 t
Length 135.0 m
Beam 16.4 m
Draft 4.53 m
Full speed  29,5 knots
Range 4500 nm
Endurance 30 days

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant Type diesel-gas turbine 


Strike missile: 1 x Kalibr-NKE, 16 missiles
1 x missile system with Yakhont cruise SSMs, 16 missile
Air defense: 1 x Rif-M system, 32 missiles/
1 x Shtil-1 system, 36 missiles
Artillery: 1 x 130 mm gun mount
2 x 30 mm automatic gun mounts
Anti-submarine: 1 x Kalibr-NKE, 8 missiles
1 x Paket-E/NK
Countermeasures: 1 x TK-25E
1 x KT-308-05
Aviation: 1 x Ka-28 / Ka-31 helicopter, hangar, helipad, aircraft ammunition load
Electronic equipmenet: Fregat-M2EM / Fregat-MAE-3 radar
Mineral-ME radar system
Sigma-E22356 / Trebovanie-M combat management system (CMS)