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Project 22356

Multipurpose frigate

The ship is designed to perform the following tasks:

               -  engage surface ships and vessels;

               - search for and destroy enemy submarines;

               -  destroy land targets deep in the enemy territory;

                - on the coast and islands;

               -  provide air, ASW and anti-boat defense for ships and vessels;

                - provide fire support for amphibious assault forces and ground troops operations in the coastal areas.



Normal displacement ∼4550 t
Length 135.0 m
Beam 16.4 m
Draft 4.53 m
Full speed  29,5 knots
Range 4500 nm
Endurance 30 days

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant Type diesel-gas turbine 


Strike missile: 1 x Kalibr-NKE, 16 missiles
1 x missile system with Yakhont cruise SSMs, 16 missile
Air defense: 1 x Rif-M system, 32 missiles/
1 x Shtil-1 system, 36 missiles
Artillery: 1 x 130 mm gun mount
2 x 30 mm automatic gun mounts
Anti-submarine: 1 x Kalibr-NKE, 8 missiles
1 x Paket-E/NK
Countermeasures: 1 x TK-25E
1 x KT-308-05
Aviation: 1 x Ka-28 / Ka-31 helicopter, hangar, helipad, aircraft ammunition load
Electronic equipmenet: Fregat-M2EM / Fregat-MAE-3 radar
Mineral-ME radar system
Sigma-E22356 / Trebovanie-M combat management system (CMS)
Tidal energy: The area for future cooperation between Sevmash and India

Representatives of Sevmash (part of USC) took part in the Russian-Indian Business Forum in New Delhi to exchange best practices in shipbuilding.

08 August 2019
Severnaya Verf Launches Third Fishing Trawler

Severnaya Verf Shipyard (part of USC) has laid down the Project 170701 fishing trawler Captain Ostashkov, which will be built for Karelian Seafood JSC (part of the NOREBO Group). The vessel will be handed over to the customer in 2021.

07 July 2019