Military products / Submarines

Project P-550

Small submarine

Defence of coastal andsea frontiers by cover patrol, destroying, of single surface ships and vessels, landing and recovering of commandoes, mine laying, reconnaissance at the appointed areas and guidance of striking forces on enemy forces, electronic reconnaissance, evacuation of people and material values from the areas of local collisions, destroying of enemy coastal targets located both near the shoreline and at the distant areas.


Displacement (normal) 610 (650) m3
Length 49 (51) m
Beam 6.4 m
Maximum diving depth 300 m
Endurance 20 days
Submerged speed:
15.5 (21.0) knots
4 knots
Combat swimmers
Range 2000 nm
Continuous submerged range 200 nm
Diesel generators 2 x 350 kW 
Propulsion motor 1 x 900 (1700) kW 


533 mm torpedoes, missiles           4   
400 mm torpedoes 8
Mines 12
Self-defense devices