Military products / Warships

Project 1124M

Small antisubmarine ships (Versions: Project 1124M1 - Fire support ship; Project 1124M2 - Coast guard ship)

The ship is designed to engage enemy surface ships, submarines and aircraft independently and as part of a task force, guard and patrol maritime state borders and economic zones, participate in naval operations, escort and protect convoys, lay minefields.


Full-load displacement ∼1000 t
Length 71,2 m
Beam 10,3 m
Draft 3.5 m
Full speed ∼30 knots
Range (at 10 kt) 2500 nm
Endurance 10 days
Complement 80 

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant Type CODAD
2 x 6620 kW

1 x 13970 kW


Air defense: 1 x Osa-MA2 SAM system
Artillery: 1 x 76.2 mm AK-176М gun, 1 x 30 mm AK-630M CIWS/
2 х 57 mm A-220 guns / 2 x 76.2 mm AK-176M guns
Anti-submarine: 2 x DTA-53 twin torpedo launchers
Fire arms: 1 х 14.5 mm MTPU machine gun
Countermeasures: 1 x TK-25E in configuration 2, 4 x PК-10
Electronic equipmen: MGK-335EM-03, Vesta-K sonar
Pozitiv-МE1.2 radar
Gorizont-25E INS, Sigma-E combat management system