Commercial products / Specialized vessels

Research expedition vessel

Designed for:

  • providing activities of the Russian Antarctic Expedition;
  • replacement of the personnel of the Antarctic stations;

  • delivery of cargoes for the Antarctic stations with unloading on wild shore and on ice;
  • research activities in the ocean and research of natural processes and phenomena;
  • removal of garbage from the Antarctica.

It provides comfortable operation conditions for the crew and expedition personnel at the ambient temperature of down to -40 °C.

The vessel can proceed at a speed of 2 knots through ice with a thickness of 1.1 m.

Navigation area is non-restricted.

Vessel class

KM ✪ ARC 7 AUT 2 Special purpose ship


Length 133.59 m
Beam 23 m
Draugth 8.5 m
Speed 16 knots
Range 15 000 nm
Endurance 45 days
Expedition crew 80 persons
Crew 59 persons
Helicopters 2 helicopters of Ka-32 type
Main power plant 2 x 6300, 1 x 4200 kW