Commercial products / Transport vessels

Self-propelled tanker with 12 cargo tanks. Project 19614


For carrying of crude oil and petroleum products with flash-point temperature of carrying cargo up to 60°С, heavy oil of 0.99 t/cub. m density with heating.

Vessel class

КМ Ice1 [1] R2-RSN АUT3 VCS Oil tanker (ESP)


Power 2х930 kW
Length overall 141 m
Breadth overall 16.9 m
Draft 3.73 m
Deadweight 5530 tn
Ship speed 10 knots
Endurance 15 days (by fuel stores at sea)
Crew 14 persons
Main engine 2 diesel engines WARTSILA 6L20 by the maximal continuous rate of 1200 kW at speed of 1000 rpm

Main propulsion