Military products / Patrol ships and boats

Project 14170Е "Terrier"

Patrol boat

The boat is designed to patrol the coastal areas of closed seas, rivers and lakes and performs the following functions:

— protects shore installations, ships and boats, in the roadstead;

— counters smuggling and terrorist activities from floating equipment;

— escort ships and vessels when performing patrol duties;

— carries out search-and-rescue operations and provides first-aid to seafarers in distress.



Displacement: 8.6 tons
Length: 10 m
Beam: 3.14 m
Draft: 0.53 m
Speed: 27 knots
Range (when taking up 0.6 tons of fuel as excess weight): 300 (600) km

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant: Type Twin-shaft CODAD
2 x 221 kW


Fire arms: 1 x 7.62mm PKMB machine gun
Electronic equipment: Gals navigational radar