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Training facility for damage control during accidents in non-nuclear submarine compartments

Training facility for damage control during accidents in compartments is designed for the following:

- Training of submarine commanding officer and CIC team to manage damage control and rescue of personnel.

- Training of the personnel of emergency compartments and adjacent compartments in damage control during the following accidents:

  • Ingress of water;

  • Ingress of hydraulic oil;

  • Fire;

  • Ingress of high pressure air;

  • Increased concentration of harmful admixtures and dangerous gases;

  • Detonation.



Weight (without water): 61.2 tons
Length: 18 m
Diameter: 4.2 m
The number of trainees being trained simultaneously: up to 15 persons
Types of accidents (damage) being simulated: explosions, fires water ingress, pressure increase, ingress of gases and special liquids)
Combustion agent  - gas)
The number of simulated compartments: 3 (fire control, water control and adjacent compartment)