Towing of non-self-propelled facilities with bollard pull of 10 tons at up to 5 knots, harbor pilotage and berthing of vessels.

Vessel class

KM✪R1 AUT3 tug


Length 25 m
Breadth 8 m
Depth 3.7 m
Draft 2.2 m
Displacement 260 t
Gross tonnage 188 t
Endurance 10 days
Crew 8 persons
Cruising range (fuel) 2000 miles
Navigation area Marine areas in accordance with the class of the vessel
Main equipment

Main engine

Doosan V180TIH, 2 x 441 kW
Operating condition Year-round operation in ice-free non-arctic seas and brush ice, ice class Ice1
Operating temperatures  
Air -20 °C to +30 °C
Seawater up to 0 °C