Military products / Landing ships and boats

Project 12322 "Zubr"

Air-cushion landing ship

The ship is designed for taking combat materiel or forward deployment amphibious troops from a beach, power projection by sea, over-the-beach landing, mine transportation and planting.


Displacement: ∼555 t
Speed 60 knots
Range 300 nm
Endurance 5 days
Complement 27
Troop capacity: 3 medium tanks /
10 APCs and 140 troops /
8 IFVs and 140 troops /
500 troops

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant: 3 x 10,000 hp propelling M35-1 gas turbine units
2 x 10,000 hp supercharging M35-2 gas turbine units
4 x NO10 superchargers
3 x AV-98 air propellers


Unguided rockets: 2 x 140 mm shipborne MS-227 launchers (retractable)
Artillery: 2 x 30 mm AK-630M CIWS
Electronic equipment: 1 x MR-123-01 radar system
1 x Gorizont-25 INS with NT-300D GPS receiver-indicator